Thursday, September 28, 2006

How I Know My Girlfriend Loves Me

Tonight was the first People I Like show at our new venue, Mundial. We had some great sets turned in by all. We're still building an audience for the show so we didn't have as many people as would have liked.

Mundial is judging our worthiness based on how many drinks our sold so it was important that people drink a lot. When is it began to look like the bar was not going to be as busy as we had wanted my girlfriend Joy took it upon herself to carry the weight of the show and drink, drink drink her way to a successful show.

Right now she is passed out on the bed, in the cloths she had on all day, occasionally looking up and saying "I don't feel so good." She drank so much that she now feels horrible.

She drank that much because she loves. And that's cool.

Monday, September 25, 2006

People I Like... This Wednesday!!!

Nick Turner and Dustin D'Addato Present:

New from the Producers of "Poker Night" comes "People I Like."

People I Like @ Mundial
505 E 12th st. between Avenues A & B
Wednesday, September 27th
Our Frickin Amazing Line-up:
Shayna Ferm (Fearsome,
John Mulaney (Live at Gotham, Oh, Hello,
Kurt Braunholer (Hot Tub, Neutrino,
Nate Bargatze (Caroline's,
Baron Vaughn (Aspen Comedy Fest, Winner: Sexiest Motherfucker in the
World Contest)

Check out the line up above (incase you don't know, that's a frickin amazing line-up. Ever one of those people are frickin hilarious. It's going to be an AWESOME show.)

Come to our new location, Mundial, (505 East 12th st. btw Ave A and B)
And it's not $5 anymore, it's free. And it's our first one
and we want to make a good impression so if you're thinking, "I'll see
this sometime," then make that sometime this time.

See Ya At The Show!!!!

People I Like -
Nick Turner -
Dustin D'Addato -

Friday, September 22, 2006

Don't Send My Regards to Broadway

I haven't been to a Broadway in a while. Odds are you haven't either. Today I had to head over to the area to buy tickets to a show for my parents. (it's their 25th anniversary. Way to go them!!!). I got them tickets to Jersey Boys (don't worry, they already know about it. It's the only thing that they wanted so it was what I had to get.)

When i got to the ticket office I found out that the soonest you could get any two seats anywhere in the theater was 4 months away. The soonest you could get them in the first 5 rows of the mezzanine was mid March. God damn it!

Okay, maybe it's a good show (although i doubt it) but think about that for a moment. There are about 600 Seats in the theater, 8 shows a week and 25 weeks before I can buy a mezzanine seat. That's 120,000 people seeing this show. And that's at an average of $100 a seat.

I produce a show, which is very funny and free and I can barely get 20 people in the door for an average show. Come on Jersey Boys. Stop taking all the people. Just give me something like 50 a week. That will have no effect on you at all, but to me, I will be happy every week.

If I ever see you walking down a dark street Jersey Boys, I am going kick your ass.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Last Baseball Post For A While!

I played little league for three years. In those three years we won the "world series" of our little crappy league all three years. The second year, we only lost one game. That last year we won every single game.

During that entire time I never contributed to one out. Not one! I mean, really what are the odds of that? 3 seasons. 15 games per season. 9 innings per game. 3 outs per inning. For those keeping score at home, that's 1215 outs. I never helped with one of those outs. It would seem like I would have had to have gone out of my way to accomplish that task, but to me it just comes natural.

However, I did score the winning run in the "world series" the second year. Here's the story. It's the bottom of the 8th. The score is tied. 1 out. I'm up to bat. Before the I got up to bat the coach pulled me aside and said "Take two strikes before your swing". For those that don't know, that means, "you can't hit to save your life, so hope for a walk". You know what, it worked. I walked on 4 straight balls. Next up, the best kid on our team. He crushes the first pitch. It's high. It's far. It's caught by the outfielder. I tag up. The outfielder throws to first instead of second. I round second, head to third. The first baseman over throws third. I break for home. The third baseman over throws home. I score. We hold on for the win. I get covered in beer even though I am 10 years old.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

6 Thing You Should Shout at Baseball Games...

Hey (player you don't like) you don't stand for good family values!!!

I'm content with your performance thus far (your favorite team).

Stop sucking!!!

Play better baseball!

You should practice the fundamentals!

Nobody like you (player you don't like)!

The Mets that happened.

Tonight I saw the New York Mets clich the N.L. East title for the first time in (I have no idea) years. I'm a Yankees fan, so to be honest with you I didn't really care all that much about the Mets doing well but hell, I'm from New York, so Go New York, Go New York, Go New York, Go!

Here's my question, and please if you know the answer respond, who do we still do the Daan danta da CHARGE! chant. I understand "We Will Rock You". I understand that Gary Glitter song, but the Charge thing, isn't that from the Revolutionary war? We're still using chants from the revolutionary war? I think we can put that to bed at this point. Haven't we learned that other than America's independence, everything that people did, said and every way they acted was wrong. Slavery. Getting really pissed about Tea. Cobbling.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I will be blogging my list of fun things I like to yell at baseball games that I think other people should yell out too.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Seriously, The Q Train????

Has anyone else noticed that at night the Q train comes like all the time. I take the N and it seems like it's 5 Q trains for ever N. Are that man people taking the Q? I know exactly 2 people who take the Q and neither of them want to be taking the Q. Does that mean the Q is just a pity train?

How can the Q train live with itself when it knows that the G train only comes about once every 4 hours and never on the weekends.

Check Out Eli Whitney Tonight

If you haven't seen it yet, I'll be showing "History That Happened: Eli Whitney" tonight at video showing show. It's a video I did with Kristen Swensson and Nick Turner.

Here's the deal with the show:
Video Night at the East River Bar
Sunday, September 17
97 South 6th Street between Bedford and Berry
(take the L train to Bedford or the JMZ to Marcy)

Join New York Citys finest comedy troupes at the East River Bar for an evening of grilling and video comedy sketch screening. The grilling starts at 7pm its BYOBBQ (feel free to bring meats, veggies, and other assorted sundries/the East River Bar will handle the beer), and at 8pm, the patio becomes an outdoor movie theatre.

Lineup Includes: A Week of Kindness, Fearsome, The Bare Hand Wolf Chokers,, Trophy Dad, Dawghaus, Elephant Larry, Favorites from Channel 102 and me.

If you can't make it to the show, you can check it out on by clicking here

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Firefox - Get Up On It.

Yo, you gots to check out Firefox. I just discovered that bitch today and it's off the chain y'all. Like so dope I am talking in street slang son. Firefox pops a cap in the ass of pop-ups. Ads on a page are as gone as (something).

Check it, before you wreck it, (by it, the first time I mean Firefox, the second time I mean yourself. In otherwords, don't wreck yourself. What would be a really funny obituary though. Today we are here to remember (your name) who had to leave us so early because (he/she/it) totally wrecked (himself/herself/itself). It would sound funny, unless Ice Cube was saying it.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hey, I'm back

I'm back but I'm not telling anyone I know. Heck, no one reads these things anyway.

I've got news too. Poker Night is coming back, but this time it's going to be different. First of all it's got a new name, it's called "People I Like,,,". There is a bit more to the title, but I don't know what is it.

You don't know the name of your own show, you ask. No, I talked about it with my co-producer Nick and he wrote it down. At least I hope he did. I think he did.

The format is going to be a little different too. Longer sets. Fun sketches. New Venue. It's going to be a whole new thing. Not like any other show you have seen.